PINZ Creations

PINZ Creations stands for ‘Embracing Femininity’. We started PINZ Creations as we feel there is a need for a new type of female fashion. Woman want to feel elegant, sexy and confident and often clothes restrict them feeling this way. The designs of PINZ Creations opposite this as they celebrate and enhance the female shape. With different backgrounds as an artist and a designer, combined with our love for fashion, we form a perfect combination to design Embracing Feminine Fashion. Claire is creative and conceptual and has the ability to translate everything into applied designs, whereas Angela is experimental and expressive with innovative ideas. This combination allows us to explore all our creative ideas within applied fashion. It results in very surprising and new designs that are accessible and feminine. PINZ Creations will make you look and more important, feel great!

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All day 27 industrial design students of Delft University of Technology researched our patent idea. At the end of th ...


Market research in shops and an online consumer survey


Research and concept approved